Whale Watching In Canada Now

For more than two decades, The Whale Centre located in Tofino, British Columbia has untaken whale study, accept study, bird scrutiny and hot springs tours in Clayoquot Sound to the eco-minded traveler. Our eco adventure tours merge a culture atmosphere with the excitement of special encounters with birds in their ordinary locale. Our open and experienced force is committed to provide you with the exceptional birds experience and greater understanding of the limited environment.

What sets us apart from other outfitters is our pole. We are normally locals that have adult up and tired our lives in Clayoquot Sound as well as our wisdom to educate you while ensuring a secure viewing of the oceanic mammals and plants you will meet and we dear. Whale Watching-Tofino-Bear Watching-British Columbia-Clayoquot Sound For more than two decades, The Whale Centre located in Tofino, British Columbia has offered whale watching, abide watching, bird watching and hot springs tours in Clayoquot Sound.

Cruise through the spectacular waters of Clayoquot Sound on our 24′ Boston Whaler in search of whales as they journey northward during their yearly migration. Visit their feeding proof and get a glimpse of the in action.

Killer, Humpback and Gray Whales, Orcas, Sea Lions, Dall’s Porpoise, Sea Otters, and Eagles are some of the animals you will be on the sentry for on our 2-1/2 hour character cruise. Don’t forget your camera and don’t forget to dress inviting!

Bear Watching West Coast Black Bears rove the shorelines at low tides pointed for crabs, shellfish, barnacles and fish to banquet on. These generally nocturnal carnivores wander a great shyness through dense shrub and forested mountains throughout most of B.C. The black bears fritter the summer feasting and putting on a great furnish of fat so they can find a cushy place to hibernate for the iciness. Our confined skippers will take you out in our 24′ Boston Whaler to position these grandiose animals in their real territory.

Bird Watching Clayoquot Sound intercepts thousands of birds on their drifting journeys north and south. Its sandy shore, vertical cliffs, offshore islands, sanctuaries and forests proposal attractive sites for bird populations. Our tour begins with a stay to an active Bald Eagle’s nest in the cherish. Whether we explore cushy inlets or Cleland Island’s ecological reserve you will scrutiny Auklets, Murrelets, Puffins, Murres, Guillemonts, Oystercatchers, Harlwquins, Herons, Gulls, Ducks and much more plants on the features tour.

Fishing Clayoquot Sound is one of the chief saltwater flyfishing and bucktailing locations in the world.Tofino is a world-popular fishing destination. Divers, surfers and shoreline-lovers voyage from the far reaches of the sphere to experience our breathtaking scenery and our restful west coast hospitality, but for many, salmon fishing offers the most exhilarating experience Clayoquot Sound has to submit.

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